Insurance charge and membership

Fund membership fee is 34 euros per month and the membership is obligatory for all employees working in the companies within the operation area of this health insurance fund.

It is possible for the insured employee to stay as a retired member of the fund, if he has been a member of the health insurance fund for 10 years before retirement or if he has paid 10 years of membership fees to the fund.

The membership in the health insurance fund will be terminated simultaneously with the termination of the employment.

Family members are not covered by the health insurance fund.

Functions related to the National Health Insurance

The members are entitled to get, according to the National Health Insurance and regulations given by the Act itself:

  • on the basis of an illness, reimbursement for the expenses caused by the treatment of this illness;

  • maternity- and parental allowance

  • reimbursement for the necessary costs caused by pregnancy and birth;

  • daily allowance for the disability caused by an illness;

  • daily allowance meant in Infectious Disease Act, 27 §, and reimbursement for loss of earnings;

  • daily allowance for detachment of human organs and tissues for medical use according to the given law, 11 §.

  • special care allowance;

How to apply

Compensation for medical expenses must be applied for within six (6) months of payment. Fill in the claim form 'Medical care expenses incurred in Finland' (SV 127e) or submit a free form application with your contact information and account number.

Remember to fill in your account number on each application form. Enclose with the claim forms filled out by the treatment provider which indicate the treatment given by a doctor or the examination or treatment ordered by a doctor. Send the claim along with the supporting documents to the health insurance fund: Repolan toimihenkilöiden sairauskassa, PL 25, 28101 Pori or using our e-service Iris (instructions in English how to use Iris is coming soon).

If you send it by email (, the Sickness fund takes no responsibility of secured connection, so sending by email is on your own responsibility.

Additional reimbursements in accordance with the rules

The fund will reimburse costs caused by the necessary treatment to the member who due to illness, pregnancy or birth must turn to a doctor or some other person with required education.
Following costs will be reimbursed: (The reimbursement includes also the payments according to the National Health Insurance).

  • 70 percent for the a visit to a general practitioner or specialist when reimbursement has been received also by virtue of the National Health Insurance, in case of necessary treatment of other than dental illness. However, the fees for an operation or procedures comparable to it will not be reimbursed unless the board in each individual case considers reasonable to accept the reimbursement wholly or partly;

  • Fees that have been charged for non-institutional care in municipal health center, public dental care, hospital outpatient clinic fee and charges from day surgery, up to the maximun amounts given in the statute (912/1992) about fees in social welfare and health care;

  • Hospital and municipal health center bed-day charges up to the amounts defined in the lowest payment categories of a central hospital (except psychiatric units) and for maximum 30 days during the calendar year;

  • The basic fee for institutional care, charged by a hospital;

  • Bed-day charges of a rehabilitation center up to the maximum amounts mentioned above, in case that the board in each individual case considers reasonable to agree to it;

  • Special fees of a public hospital and fees of a private hospital are reimbursable wholly or partly, if the board in each individual case considers reasonable to agree to it;

  • 80 percent for medicines prescribed by a doctor, for clinical nutrients and corresponding products as well as for ointment bases, when reimbursement has been given also by virtue of the National Health Insurance;

  • 80 percent for disinfectants and bandages prescribed by a doctor;

  • 60 percent of doctor’s fees related to cancer treatments in private medical care when reimbursement has been received also by virtue of the National Health Insurance and 60 percent of cancer treatments, examinations, treatments and measures prescribed by a doctor, an additional benefit of Sickness fund is paid, up to a total of 5,000 for both

  • 60 percent for physiotherapy, physiotherapeutical examinations, lymphatic therapy and phototherapy, treatment by a chiropractor, osteopath and naprapath, when treatment is prescribed by a doctor; all these total maximum for 30 times per calendar year.

  • 60 percent for laboratory and radiological examination costs, when the examinations have been made in a municipal health center or at a hospital;

  • 60 percent for rehabilitative psychotherapy (supported by Kela), when the psychotherapy is given by a doctor. You need to apply for the Kela's compensation first (or the doctor applies for it and you pay only the deductible to the doctor), and then the Sickness fund is able to pay the additional benefit to you;

  • 60 percent of the therapy given by a psychologist or psychotherapist for which you have a doctor's prescription; however, no more than 5 treatmetns per calendar year

  • Necessary travel costs, using the least expensive mode of transportation, arising from treatment of acquisition of maintenance of technical aid for rehabilitation, prescribed by a doctor, if another transportation is not justified in light of the illness of traffic conditions. These must also be reimbursable by virtue of the National Health Insurance;

  • In case of death of the member, a funeral allowance of 520 euros will be granted.

Appeal procedure

Decisions issued by National Health Insurance can be appealed. The appeal must be lodged within 30 days of receiving the written decision. The member must deliver the appeal to the fund. A member who is dissatisfied with the additional reimbursement decision can ask for a decision advice from the insurance fund committee meant in Incurance Fund Act §169. The committee works under the association of insurance funds in Helsinki.

Places where the member can get services at co-payment price

by presenting the kela card;


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